Humbled is a good word to use when we think about the launch of Life West Church in Allendale. We can tell you that the Church (BIG C) is not dead! Over 250 people joined together to worship Jesus in a MIDDLE SCHOOL CAFETERIA!!

…and that is just the beginning.


WELL…God is good! And what an amazing ride launching a church is! Going into our first weekend services, we had no idea what to expect. Launch weekend had over 250 people in attendance with 63 of those being kids! There were even 4 salvations! Everybody that we talked to and everyone who has done a similar launch said that week two would see a 50% drop in attendance and to have your team plan on it. Instead of a much smaller group in week two, we had 239 people! We were blown away! Our Dream Team has done an amazing job of welcoming those from the community with hearts full of love and hospitality! As people are stepping up to join the Dream Team, our ministries are being equipped and people are growing in their relationship with God, which is our NUMBER ONE GOAL! Although attendance did drop for a few weeks, we have been up numerically each week for the past three weeks. Last week there were 220 in attendance, 53 of those being kids. 

Allendale Middle School, where we meet, has been an incredible place to meet. The layout of the building and the way our Dream Team is able to utilize the space has made it easy to organize the flow of people so that it feels like “home.” The remarks that we repeatedly hear are “we're so excited to have a Bible-teaching, Spirit-filled church in Allendale!”

We met a new couple in the hallway a few weeks ago coming out of the commons area where children are dropped off. They had not yet made it down the hall to the Welcome Center or the Worship Center but stated “Wow, this place is amazing! We can't believe this is a school!” After service, the same couple was talking with another team member when their youngest son ran up, throwing his arms in the air, exclaiming, “I love this church!” Explaining scripture especially to children is neither a small nor easy task, yet we have been blessed to offer creative ways to engage children and minister to the next generation of believers. Jaime Hall and her team have done an amazing job of creating kid-friendly environments that are clean, safe and attractive to little ones. 

We have an amazing Dream Team… yet the truth is that even if we had the greatest team in the world, without the right tools we WOULD NOT reach our potential, and the right tools without a great team will simply collect dust. Thank you for your prayers and generosity to help make all of this possible. We are winning souls to Christ and providing a house of worship where people can come and hear of His life-changing ability, His healing power and His offer of eternal life. Allendale will never be the same!

So again, thank you! What a blessing you are to us and the people of Allendale.



Our worship team started with a big QUESTION MARK…as we hadn’t found someone to lead yet. BUT our God is so faithful, and what we thought was our “hodge-podge” team is actually incredibly gifted to lead people in worship! Thank you for your generosity in helping us acquire our worship and tech/AV equipment!

Life West church Allendale Kids Photo.JPG


Our Lifekids Dream Team was able to spread Jesus’ LOVE to 62 kids who attended our launch service. This last week we grew that number to 64 and started having discussions about how to expand our classrooms . This isn’t a church where parents drag kids…this is a church where kids drag parents…and we love it that way! Your generosity helps us to efficiently and LOVINGLY communicate the message of the Gospel to each child!



While we know that prayer and worship are the backbone of church, we are so thankful that as our Church (BIG C again) Family, YOU have decided to sow into Life West Church. We are so thankful for you and we continue to keep YOU in our prayers!

Check out these before and after photos of our spaces:

Life west Church Allendale kids min empty.JPG
Life west church allendale kids min set up.JPG
Life West church allendale michigan empty gym.JPG
Life West Church allendale michigan big gym.JPG
Life west church allendale cafiteria .JPG
Life West church allendale michigan worship center mi becca preaching.JPG