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Why Life Church?

We have witnessed, both outside and inside the church, that there are far too many people living below their potential, people who have not discovered the joy that comes from knowing their God-given gifts and using them to impact the world for Jesus' sake.

Each member of our team has been deeply affected by the simple fact that someone saw their desires and talents and  plugged them into using the very gifts God had specifically designed in them, to serve the Kingdom of God, both inside and outside of the church walls.

And there they THRIVED.

Ever since then, we have prayed for, and also made a point to surround ourselves with, people who recognize our giftings and talents and encourage us find the best ways to utilize them.

 Because of our experiences, we have a strong desire to help people discover how God uniquely created them to build the Kingdom of God, starting right here on Earth. One of the greatest pleasures we get is when we see someone THRIVING by living their life on fire for God, using their passions to do what they were created to do.


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