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We’re about to ignite…

All Life West Middle Schoolers! Ignite is a group JUST FOR YOU. We have our own meeting space (the Ignite Alcove: down the hall from the Coffee Area) and we’ll be meeting every other week. Just head to Big Church as usual and we’ll skip out after praise and worship to get together, hang out and grow in our faith as a group. Can’t wait too see you there!


Ignite hangouts/events happen each month and are a great place to have fun and hang out.



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Chris and Tristen Webb are SUPER PASSIONATE about Jesus AND Middle School Youth! They love hanging out together and with their quirky pup, Romeo. Chris has the privilege of working alongside Middle Schoolers all week as a teacher and Tristen is a Jane-of-all-trades who currently runs her own cleaning business. One thing they love focusing on in life is growing in their relationship with the Lord and understanding the ways the Holy Spirit has gifted them. They can’t wait to meet YOU!

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