Heyo! We're Samuel and Becca Vander Klok, the lead pastors here at LIFE Church West. While this page could be a rambling mess of crazy stories that sometimes make you laugh and sometimes make you cry, we'll keep it short and simple and let you hear the crazy stories in person as we get to know you. 

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-We've been married for 12 years; one good, one mediocre, and ten great.

-We have five little humans that God has blessed us with; Avery, Molly, Hunter, Jono, and Beau. (It's still up in the air if there will be more. ;)

-We have felt a strong call to build the local church throughout our marriage. Little did we know we'd actually be building AND leading a local church.

-Samuel attended Rhema Bible College in Tulsa, OK and was ordained by Resurrection Life Church in Grandville, MI.  Becca earned her MA in Counseling from Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. 

-Our favorite hobby is mountain biking, although in Michigan we have to settle for "Big-hill" biking. The kids have even taken up the trails!

-We love home. We love being home. We love that our small tribe is what makes any place home. We also love that CHURCH can, and should be, HOME.

-We love Jesus fiercely and want you to know that Jesus loves you fiercely, and has given you immeasurable intrinsic value. No one can replace you, LITERALLY.

-Samuel is MEGA task-oriented. Becca has yet to complete a task......er, um, Becca is MEGA people-oriented. 

-We have been HUGELY impacted by the richness of deep friendships. These friendships have encouraged us, corrected us, offered grace, and grown with us. They have allowed us to thrive.

-We have discovered we make a pretty good team. And we like living life that way. 



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